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Here he is again! Little baby Brigg is ONE! I had the honor of watching this little guy grow over the past year, from his newborn session, milestone, and now his first birthday! He has gotten so big and grown into a super fun and handsome one year old baby boy!


Capturing these precious moments of our little ones is so so important. The smiles, the giggles, the chubby little fingers and toes. The pure innocence is bliss.

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Baby Spencer’s Fresh 48 | Houston TX Birth Photographer | Fresh 48 Pictures | Birth Photography | Texas Children’s Hospital

I met this sweet family at the end of last year, they had originally booked for a birth story, but the last month of this mommas pregnancy, all of her hopes and plans, completely got pulled out from under her, and it was so heartbreaking to watch.

One thing I will never understand is doctors not allowing moms to have a photographer in the operating room to document the birth of their child. Cesarean mommies and are just as important, and they deserve the luxury of having a birth photographer present just as much as a mommy delivering vaginally in a hospital, at a birth center, in their home, wherever it may be an however it may be….And I know what just your is for lawsuit reasons, but that is bogus. Considering they allow dad in the OR with a camera to document anything and everything, It is just plain stupid. And, I know there is room for one more stinkin’ person to stand in there, out of the way….Maybe it is just the area we live in, because I know of tons and tons of birth photographers all over the united states and even the globe, who each photograph cesareans All. The. Time. In that case….GET WITH IT HOUSTON…

On another note, this family was absolutely beautiful and wonderful and were in great spirits about it all…and we had a gorgeous fresh 48 session together, with their CHUNKY little 10 POUND 3OZ handsome Baby Spencer! Stay tuned for little Spencer’s newborn session, because they visited me in the studio about a week later!


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